Functional Movement Training.

The majority of us enjoy more than one type of exercise or activity. Unfortunately patterns in our behavior and the history our bodies carry can make us less functional movers. This means the body lacks integration and proper organization while it moves. The result? A lack of balance and harmony between muscle systems that can lead to injury and pain over time. Balanced Athlete is a program designed by Johnny Gillespie that feels like a hybrid of yoga and Cross Fit - done slowly and methodically to reorganize the body for optimal performance in any athletic endeavor. 



Sessions are 60 minutes long and have four main components.

Equipment: Level One Balanced Athlete typically requires a 3/4" PVC pipe, a band and 2 blocks. I can bring these for private sessions but will recommend you invest in them (under $10 total) if you want to continue an at-home practice.

Private sessions and studio sessions available.