My New Website!

It's been a long time coming - this new website. In the weeks and months ahead I plan to use this site to share regular musing about yoga, videos,  workshop details and teacher training information. Please stay tuned for more! 

Today's Reflection: Coming back to the mat / tuning the radio dial ... 

I've been working with an ankle issue for a few weeks now. I can't tell if it's a sprain or something worse and I've been avoiding going to the doctor because "I'm just too busy" and I assume "I'll be fine." Unfortunately this has kept me off my mat and out of the gym - the places that typically charge my batteries. So this weekend (in addition to agreeing to go to the doctor - ha) I got back into an incredibly modified practice.

In Sunday's class, the instructor reminded us how good it feels to come back to our mats. She was right. It did feel good to be on my mat. But it was more than that - my mat is just a piece of rubber (albeit a piece of rubber that holds hundreds of hours sweat and toil). What I really felt was that being on my mat again was a marked moment where I came back to myself. Too many days it feels like we are walking around like a radio station that's just slightly off it's frequency - surrounded by static and noise and distraction. But when you truly find yourself in a moment, the signal starts to come in clear. Beyond clarity of music is the familiarity of the tune - this you-ness, this peace and strength that is - quite literally - embedded within you. It felt incredible. And it's important to note the practice was peppered with moments of anxiety and frustration at not being able to practice at "full potential." But the inhale followed the exhale followed the inhale and the signal got stronger regardless of whether it was in half moon or child's pose. By the end I felt fantastic - a bit sore - but fantastic!

The practice is always a journey back to the self or the "atman" - the inner self or soul. We all fall away from our mat and ourselves from time to time. It feels inevitable given the complicated load most of us carry. If you can't get to a class - just get back to yourself for a few minutes. Hang out in legs up the wall, breathe and tune into your own frequency. You'll be amazed not only how much better you feel, but how inclined you are to try a few extra postures once you start. 

Try it. What do you think?