Yoga on the Row: Playlist, Theme & Photos

Thank you to everyone friends and strangers who came out to Yoga on the Row @ Santana Row this Saturday. We had a blast and everyone was such a great sport. Thank you to my beautiful assistants Samantha Armellino and Tricia Salata for all your support.

A few of you asked me for the playlist for our session. I’ve included it below. The yoga itself started with song #4 by Leon Bridges - from there it’s about an hour to the end. Here’s the link to Spotify where you can follow and share this playlist or add the songs to your own playlist.

And here’s the embedded playlist you can listen to right now :)


What we worked on was a very simple vinyasa-esque format! While we practiced we did stuff differently, we held stuff, we jumped - we shook up our energy and woke up the feeling function in our bodies from multiple angles. Then we rested and came back together and with the reminder that for you to be a force of good in the world, you need to feel good. When you practice yoga and teach your strengths to hold the hand of your weaknesses and your patience to hold the hand of your doubt - you start to become more integrated. From that space you can be of greater service to the people in your life who need you. And the human race doesn’t survive divided. Here’s a rough outline of what we did - enjoy!

  • Bridge Lifts

  • Apanasana Variations to stimulate breath & core stability

  • Cat/Cow

  • Sun Salutations

  • Chair / Squat

  • Side Angle Exploration

  • JUMPING (2x for a minute each) then PLANK for one minute! (Macklemore)

  • Lunges and twists and 1/2 moon

  • Prone lifts - strengthening the back bone with buddies

  • Back Bends

  • Twists

  • Savasana (East Forest)

  • Getting READY for your blessings, with Music by Chance the Rapper