Join me for weekly drop-in sessions at three fabulous San Jose area studios.


  • YOGA TUNE UP: This is one of the few YTU classes available in Silicon Valley. This class incorporates modern posture / movement strategies, ball rolling and self massage, and deep relaxation to help students identify any “issues in their tissues” and learn targeted strategies to tune up their yoga practice. Very much like a mini workshop, this class is designed for all levels to come, learn, explore and enjoy.

  • VINYASA: These classes are my most challenging option on the schedule. While I stick to a “traditional vinyasa” backbone, I often riff into the world of functional movement, ball rolling and strength & conditioning basics to ensure people can develop a safe and smart practice.

  • GENTLE VINYASA: Great for newbies, those who want a mellow movement practice and those who want to move towards a regular Vinyasa class in the future. Come prepared to learn how to move with the breath and then enjoy some grounded, relaxing restorative options at the end.

  • POWER VINYASA: Hike those yoga pants way up Ohm-slices. This power packed class is designed to deliver you strength, stability and endurance through a powerful series of vinyasa-based postures and sequencing. Options will be offered for all levels. Music will be loud and fun. Savasana will be a good 5-10 minutes of total relaxation in the quiet aftermath of your practice - allowing you some real time to bask in the echo of your power.

  • FLOW & ROLL: If you like Yoga Tune Up, you might like this class as well. In the beginning, we warm the body through a combo of sun salutations and targeted postures, and then we spend 30-40 minutes exploring strategically aligned self massage experiences using the therapy balls.



Safe and proper alignment...

“Alyssa Hale is an AMAZING yoga teacher, and I go to her classes regularly... I have learned a ton from her about safe and proper alignment that I always work into my practice.”

— Kristin M.

I can actually touch my toes for the first time. This is amazing.
— R. D.

I didn't think I could do it...

“Thank you for the class today. I walked in thinking I was too injured to get anything out of it. But your permission to take it one step at a time and your focus on alignment helped me safely maintain my edge. I feel great.”

— Taylor P.

I’ve hated pretty much every yoga class I’ve ever been to. I liked your class.
— A student I met at a festival - ha!

Just what I needed...

“The class was great, but what was better was that you said just what I needed to hear. I've had a tough time lately and I feel like you were speaking just to me.”

— Jesse M..

Thank you for incorporating a deeper theme in your classes. It brings a richness to the experience.
— - Student at Breathe Together

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