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I know - the picture above of Jill and I is funny. Am I torturing her or is she laughing? Will we ever know? Ha!

One of my mentors said to me once "I don't care if you can balance on your eyelashes, if there's no alignment in your soul - what's the point?" I love this.

While I'm a total body and functional movement NERD, I strongly believe that the "poses" are our opportunities to get to know ourselves when we are in different position. If I can learn to be calm and collected when I'm in a challenging pose in yoga, then when the world puts me in a challenging position - I know how to breath and calm myself down. THIS is what makes it yoga - or the unification of the layers of our mind, body and breath. Athletes call this "getting into the zone." In a workshop once the teacher said it's about having alignment between what you're doing and how you're being. However you want to look at it - the body and mind aren't quite as separate as we like to think they are. Learning to use postures as tools to harmonize the two improves our overall sense of well  being, ability to focus, physical performance, reduces pain and anxiety and helps us be the best version of ourselves for the people in our lives who depend on us.

Whether you're seeking a kick-ass vinyasa / power flow, guided meditation, a yin connective tissue restoration or a relaxing restorative experience - it's all on the table. Sometimes clients don't know and we can figure out a customized plan based on personal goals and lifestyle. Either way - I look forward to working with you one on one, at your offices or in the studio!

Tuesday 12:00pm Vinyasa @ Breathe Together, Los Gatos
Wednesday 6:00am Flow & Roll @ Labarre, San Jose
Wednesday 7:15am Power Express 45 @ Labarre, San Jose
Wednesday 12:00pm Vinyasa @ The Yoga Studio, Campbell
Wednesday 4:30pm Gentle @ The Yoga Studio, Campbell
Thursday 12:00 Flow & 1pm Meditation @ VMware (Private)
Thursday 4:00pm Vinyasa @ Breathe Together, Los Gatos
Thursday 6:00pm Warm Vinyasa @ The Yoga Studio, Campbell
Friday 9:15am Flow & Roll @ Willow Glen Yoga, San Jose
Friday 12:00pm Vinyasa @ The Yoga Studio, Campbell
Saturday 9:00am Vinyasa @ The Yoga Studio, Campbell

Whether you're looking for a corporate class, 1 one 1 session or something special like a wedding-day / birthday class - I've done it all. Here is a general look at my fee structure. When scoping jobs outside a 5 mile radius, travel time is also a scoping consideration.

  • Single Session: $100 / hr

  • Five Session Pack: $90 / hr

  • Ten Session Pack: $75 / hr

For more information on any of these styles or to figure out what is the right style for you email me or scroll to the class descriptions on my blog!

  • Custom Sessions Based on Client Goals

  • Vinyasa / Power Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Flow & Roll Yoga

  • Deep Tissue Release w/ Therapy Balls

  • Yoga Tune Up®




Safe and proper alignment...

“Alyssa Hale is an AMAZING yoga teacher, and I go to her classes regularly... I have learned a ton from her about safe and proper alignment that I always work into my practice.”

— Kristin M.

I didn't think I could do it...

“Thank you for the class today. I walked in thinking I was too injured to get anything out of it. But your permission to take it one step at a time and your focus on alignment helped me safely maintain my edge. I feel great.”

— Taylor P.

Just what I needed...

“The class was great, but what was better was that you said just what I needed to hear. I've had a tough time lately and I feel like you were speaking just to me.”

— Jesse M..



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