I love developing specialized content for individuals and groups. Whether you want to work one-on-one or put together something for a larger group, I’d love to discuss your goals and help you meet them.


Group & event rates are often calculated on a case-by-case basis. I try to keep private events at the $100 / hour invested of my time. That means from the preparation, travel, delivery and return. Many local San Jose events in 2019 have been in the $250 range.

For charity groups and special / underserved communities (veterans, the elderly, women’s shelters, etc.) I am always willing to discuss reduced compensation.

Larger scale events & festivals are negotiated on a case by case basis.



  • All Levels Yoga Experience

  • All Levels Self-Massage

  • Mindfulness 101

  • Meditation & Deep Relaxation

  • Totally 80’s (or 90’s or 70’s) music themes

  • Hip Hop Yoga

  • Yoga for Cranky Office Bodies

  • Low Back Yoga & Massage

  • Restorative Yoga (AKA “Adult Nap Time”)

  • Yin Yoga (held connective tissue stimulation)

  • Yoga for Stress Relief

  • Yoga for Runners (or any athlete type)


Safe and proper alignment...

“Alyssa Hale is an AMAZING yoga teacher, and I go to her classes regularly... I have learned a ton from her about safe and proper alignment that I always work into my practice.”

— Kristin M.

I can actually touch my toes for the first time. This is amazing.
— R. D.

I didn't think I could do it...

“Thank you for the class today. I walked in thinking I was too injured to get anything out of it. But your permission to take it one step at a time and your focus on alignment helped me safely maintain my edge. I feel great.”

— Taylor P.

I’ve hated pretty much every yoga class I’ve ever been to. I liked your class.
— A student I met at a festival - ha!

Just what I needed...

“The class was great, but what was better was that you said just what I needed to hear. I've had a tough time lately and I feel like you were speaking just to me.”

— Jesse M..

Thank you for incorporating a deeper theme in your classes. It brings a richness to the experience.
— - Student at Breathe Together

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