Top 10 Reasons To Do A Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you've been practicing one year or one hundred years, there is tremendous value in a yoga teacher training. It might sound cliche, but my 200 hour training not only saved me from my own destructive patterns, it provided me a whole new lens through which I started to see myself, others, movement, bodies, health, fitness, relationships, energy, stress... I mean you name it. 

Here are the top 10 things you can expect to get out of a 200 hr training:

  1. The Postures: Improved understanding of both HOW and WHY we do the postures / asana.

  2. Movement & Integration: Yoga isn't about getting from point A to B and fixing point B. The journey is just as important as the end point. Learn how to take the postural cues and move people through transitions that keep them safe and integrated.

  3. Breath / Pranayama: Understand this critical part of the practice, common techniques and learn about it's impact on the body, mind & nervous system.

  4. Anatomical Smarts: To know how to teach posture and movement, you'll need to understand human design and structure!

  5. History & Context: Is yoga really thousands of years old? If so, where did "airplane" pose come from? Those weren't around thousands of years ago?! Learn where yoga came from, how it transformed into what it is today, and what it means for modern practitioners / society.

  6. Presentation Skills: Even if you don't want to teach, the ability to deliver information to an audience is important. You can use these skills at work, in social settings and at home with your family. Learn the art of speaking clearly, effectively and efficiently!

  7. Reading a Room: Much like presentation skills, learning to cue in to the signs and signals of body language, expression and breath can give you critical information about how the people around you are feeling and what they need. While taught in the context of a yoga class, you'll find yourself noticing people's signs and signals off the mat as well as on!

  8. Set & Achieve Goals: This training is designed for you to set & achieve your goals. They could start simply - maybe it's a posture you want to master. Then we will learn how to take this process and map it to a larger, personal practice.

  9. Build Your Community: Some of the strongest lifelong friendships are often formed in yoga teacher trainings. These trainings force you to be adventurous, honest, raw and even vulnerable at times. Teacher training groups are here to provide you with a community that you can grow with and help build you up as you evolve!

  10. Learn What It's Really About - And What It's Not! Yoga isn't about turning yourself into a pretzel or handstands. Those postures can come, in time, for some bodies - and they are wonderful. But what is this ancient practice really trying to teach us? Learn about the richer world and techniques that surround the postures and how to leverage these tools to improve your sense of well being - and learn how to do it for others!

Catch me at these teacher trainings in 2018 & 2019!