10 Minute Grounding Fall Sequence

I know it's only the end of August. But in California that means the kids are back in school, vacations are over, traffic is bad (it's always bad tho), and life gets more hectic. For those reasons I tend to focus on a lot of grounding postures and ball rolling techniques this time of year. When we get too much in our "heads," we lose our sense of grounding and stress and anxiety can take its toll on us. Here's a quick, 3-pose sequence you can do in 10 minutes or less to sustain a sense of grounding as life gets busy!

  1. Roll Your Feet! Use a tune up ball or tennis ball but get in there and break up the stuck stuff so that your feet can communicate with the ground more accurately. If your feed are rigid and don't respond to stimulus it can be hard to balance and absorb the shock of walking, running and hiking without transferring tension into your knee, hip and low back - YUCK!
  2. Mountain Pose / Tadasana: The intelligence we acquire in mountain pose feeds every other posture we do in yoga. We actively ground and rise to the sky at the same time. Our body stands in the position it is designed to stand in and we teach our muscles to harmonize around our joints with equal power. 
  3. Tree Pose / Vriksasana: I always tell my students that this is a great pose to calm a hectic mind. It's not too hard to do but it requires constant micro-adjustments and attention to stay balanced. As it gets easy, you can play with arm variations and eye gaze to add more of a challenge.