Snow-ga! Links to five, 30 and 60 minute home practice videos!

For a lot of people a home practice is always a bit hard to motivate for than going to a class. I get it. But, in truth, your body doesn't know the difference between practicing in your bathroom surrounded by tubby toys vs. practicing in a spacious new studio with shining wood studio that smells of essential oils surrounded by gold buddha paintings. 

So just stop making excuses and commit to something today. Here are some links to short, medium and long practices to get you on your mat (or bath mat) and take a few minutes to breathe, align and tune in to yourself today.

10 minute beginners flow with Rodney Yee from Gaiam

10 minute yoga for weight loss with Colleen Saidman from Gaiam

30 minute power class by Five Parks Yoga (warning - tropical setting may induce feelings of jealousy :)

30 minute detox flow with Sean Corn from Gaiam

60 minute Shiva Rea flow from Wanderlust

60 minute shoulder openers "for dudes" (but also great after a day of shoveling) with Matt Giordano at Wanderlust

Gratitude for the organizations and people who created these free videos - Gaiam, Wanderlust and Five Parks Yoga!