Grounding Fall Sequence 2: Ode to Warrior 3

On of my favorite teachers ever used to say, "Balance postures aren't here because they expect your perfection - they are here to teach you to be okay when you're on limited resources."

Meaning - you teach yourself that you can be okay on the fly. You learn how to create a sense of rootedness, connectedness and grounding without both feet firmly planted. I love Warrior 3 because it's so stinking hard for me - it requires laser-focused integration, power in both of your legs, awareness of your hips, recruitment of all the muscles in your spine & torso, and upper body mobility and strength against gravity while your arms are overhead. It's a LOT of work to hold your calm here - staying balanced inside as much as outside. So this week in class we took Warrior 3 a bunch of different ways. We did this for two reasons:

  1. To learn how to establish roots "on the fly" 
  2. To notice how changing your relationship with gravity completely changes your relationship with the pose... and your perspective... 

In another blog post, I wrote about someone who walked into one of my classes recently and said: "Oh my god this is a yoga class? I HATE yoga!" - ha ha - yep - right before class. Why doesn't this really bother me? I'll give you a hint ... it's related to perspective. Here's THAT story.

While no two classes I teach are ever the same - below is the rough map I used this week for class. The goal was to appeal to the "vinyasa" crowd, still offer a balanced full-body experience, prepare the body for warrior 3 and then test it in several permutations. Enjoy!