Sun Salutation A - Low Lunge Variation with #StanTheYogaMan

#StanTheYogaMan is back and showing off one of my favorite variations of Sun Salutation A. In this version we step into a lunge and a balance posture on the way to the top of the mat. This can also be done in "step back" format - which can be easier for populations newer to yoga or those who carry more weight around their mid section.

I love this lunging variation of Sun A because it not only works balance early on in practice, it provides extra lengthening for the hip flexors - which can be critical for a population that spends a lot of time sitting. If I'm working towards bigger back bends - then I'll use this sequence in the beginning quite often. The key here is to do this slowly first and impart the importance of keeping a strong belly and rooting down into the legs for the lunge with the knee down - especially if they want to lift their arms here. For some, it may make more sense to keep hands down on blocks and have those blocks available for standing split (which may also turn into more of a supported warrior 3).