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  • Breathe Together Yoga Winchester Blvd Los Gatos, CA US (map)


This workshop is part of a series. You may take any one in any order. This series is designed for yoga teachers and passionate students who want to unlock sticky spots in the body by leveraging movement, massage and mindfulness.

THIS IS THE PAGE FOR Deep Dive #1: Feet to Hips | Jan 17-19, 2020
Here is the Link For Deep Dive #2: Hands to Heart | March 27-29, 2020
Link Coming Soon for Deep Dive #3: Sacrum to Crown | May 2020



As one of the hottest growing partners to an informed movement practice, self-massage, and ball rolling is now being used in yoga studios, CrossFit boxes, and physical therapy sessions. The Deep Dive “Feet to Hips” session looks at our foundation and the structural/kinetic chains that run from the periphery of the feet to the focal point in our hips and low back.

This session is designed to reinforce our understanding of anatomy and how our body is designed to move and then explore self-massage and modern movement techniques that can help reduce pain in the body, while improving posture and performance. Learn not just how to roll, but how to design a rolling sequence with a particular goal in mind and pair that sequence with smart movement techniques to bring the body into a better state of balance.

This weekend is eligible for 15 hours towards the Joy of Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training Program and/or 15 CE Credits with the Yoga Alliance.


  1. Job / Lifestyle Types:: Those who spend a lot of time on their feet (doctors & nurses, restaurant industry workers, teachers (yoga or otherwise).

  2. Activities: Runners, cyclists, those who squat & lunge a lot - anyone with a leg heavy movement practice

  3. Pain / Disfunction: Those with balance issues, plantar fasciitis, tight calves, tight hamstrings, hip or low back pain.

  4. Curious Students & Teachers: Teachers and students of all types looking to incorporate a more sophisticated understanding of self massage into their lives and practice routines.

COST FOR THE WEEKEND: $255 Early Bird | $285 After 1/2/2020


  • Friday 6pm-9pm

  • Saturday 12:30-9pm

  • Sunday 1:15-4:45pm


  1. The Roll Model - Jill Miller

  2. Trail Guide to the Body

BREAKDOWN (Rough Guide / Subject to change)

  1. Friday 6-7:30pm: Introduction to Ball Rolling

  2. Friday 7:30-8:30pm: Tools & Techniques

  3. Friday 8:30-9pm: Groups & Focal Area Assignments

  4. Saturday 12:30-2pm: Class Experience #1: Balance Focused Vinyasa

  5. Saturday 2-3pm: Anatomy Basics of the Feet, Legs & Hips

  6. Saturday 3-4pm: Yoga of the Feet, Legs & Hips

  7. Saturday 4-5pm: The “Issues in our Tissues” - Feet to Hips

  8. Saturday 5-6:30pm: Class Experience #2: Hatha for Runners & Hikers

  9. Saturday 7-8pm: Crafting a Strategy Based on Anatomy, Function & Outcome

  10. Saturday 8-9pm: Group Work Part 1

  11. Sunday: Class Experience #3: Gentle, Yin & Hips (Followed by quick break)

  12. Sunday: Group Work & Final Presentations